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ACE's Adverse Childhood Experiences - Missing In Paris Adaptation

ACE's Adverse Childhood Experiences

Missing In Paris Adaptation.

There are 8 general Questions and 22 ACE questions in this survey.

The questions are to be answered based on your experience from childhood up to your 23rd birthday.  The questions are all Yes or No answers. [The 8 general questions should be answered regardless of your age]

This is the Missing in Paris version of the original survey. It is designed to include education and religion questions as these play an important part of your upbringing. Therefore I believe that these questions are just as important as the original 10 questions. [The original 10 ACE survey questions are Question 1 through to and including Question 10]

The original 10 questions would have given you a score of zero to 10. The higher the number of adversities that you have, the higher the possibility of future health issues. However, resilience towards adversity in the, past, present and future can heal you.

With this version your score will be zero to 22. The higher your score the more adversity you have encountered as you grew up at home, in school and within your religious upbringing. Answer the questions as based up to your 23rd birthday. (The original ACE survey was 18 years of age.) I have based this increased age as new research within science has highlighted that our brains are still develpoing right up to mid/late twenties.

[Average age to leave education is 22.2 years of age. To leave home is an average of 31.1 years of age]

If the questions open old wounds speak with someone. You will be provided with the Samaritan’s contact phone number at the end of the survey. Or you can contact one of your local agencies in your area to discuss any personal issues that arise from your past as a result of taking this survey.

Before you take the survey have a look through the videos below. They will explain and guide you through adverse childhood experiences and give you some information on resilience towards your adversity.



Hi and welcome to your ACE survey. Your mental health is important and this survey could help you understand what and why things are going wrong in your life today. It could also help you assist your children's developmental growth in a better and more understanding way.

The main concern for a parent is wanting their child to grow up with a well balanced life. What happend to you in your life can have a bearing on how you bring up and treat your own children. This survey can make you aware that perhaps what happened to you as a child was unfare and unjust and while you cannot change the past, you can however change your and your childrens future for the best.

Developing resillence to your childhood adversity can be a huge challenge, but you can do it. Speak with someone, get help, talk about your problems, become active, go for a walk, jog, exercise, eat healthy, join a club of some sort (dance, netball, football, swimming, cyclying, darts, pool etc)

There are 29 questions in this survey.
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