Missing in Paris book summary

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Welcome to Missing in Paris. This is a true story on finding a missing teenager in Paris. The book tells the story from the viewpoint of the searcher. The book is being released 28th of September 2019 Order it online or get it from your local bookshop. The ISBN number is: 9781912039531. REMEMBER: May 25th is International Missing Children’s Day

The author discusses Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) and its impact on the mental health of every person who has endured adversity in their life’s. The ACE questionnaire is the adapted ‘Missing in Paris’ version and includes education and religion questions.

The book further talks about marriage, divorce, abortion, drugs, education and religion. The book suggests a strong correlation towards adversity in children as a result of these topics and their affect on producing adversity from childhood to adulthood and beyond.

The book outlines how we can all play an important part in finding and searching for missing children/adults throughout the world.

The book is a story and interactive journey on information to its core subjects.

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