Missing in Paris book summary

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Welcome to Missing in Paris. This is a story based on real occurrences with searching for a missing teenager in Paris. The author writes Mario’s story about Mario’s search for the missing teenager. The book will be officially released during July 2020. You can purchase it from your local bookstore or from any online bookshop. The ISBN number is: 9781912039098.

International Missing Children’s Day is on 25th of may each year.

The book also features a self-help mental health resource section. The author has researched Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) over the last four years and has obtained an ACE’s diploma in 2019. While the original ACE study was based on what occurred in the home. The authors research has indicated that religion, school education and society has also played its part of adversity in our children’s life’s. Therefore, the ACE questionnaire is the adapted ‘Missing in Paris’ version and includes society questions.

The book outlines how we can all play an important role in helping to find other missing children and adults throughout the world. The author believes that every person on earth can make a considerable contribution in helping to find a missing person.

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